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The Worship Matrix is an interactive online resource by which worship leaders thoughtfully approach service planning as journey and exploration.
With more than 30 years of research behind it, the Worship Matrix's expanding capabilities enable you to:

Identify connections between scripture, hymn texts, meditations, and other readings to assimilate a cohesive service plan.

Plan months in advance; store and retrieve service data from previous years.

View multiple plans on the same screen and move items between them.

Connect to other websites and documents using Weblinks.

Maintain an entire music library providing online access wherever you are.

Collaborate with your worship team to assemble a great service plan.

Manage promotional announcements for service publications.

Prepare reports in a variety of formats for the congregation and worship facilitators.
Intuitively, Christian worship seems a simple thing. But, the counter-intuitive fact is that Christian worship is a complex web of connections and entry points...a matrix. Explore these connections in this site's companion book "The Worship Matrix" by Terry York and David Bolin.    Order the Book